1) To carry on the business of traders, fabricators, exporters and importers of all kinds of clothing, readymade garments, jewellery, footwear, hand bags, beauty products and all accessories related to fashion & lifestyle products, or otherwise to act as agents, sub-agents wholesalers, retailers, representatives, commission agents, franchisers and dealers of all kinds of textile clothing, wearing apparel, cosmetics, jute, linens, furnishing fabrics and fabrics of all kinds of readymade garments and clothing, lingerie, hosiery, footwear’s, & accessories in India or abroad.

2) To carry on the business of importer and exporter otherwise deal in all kinds of models, shapes, sizes, capacities and varieties of electrical appliances, domestic and household appliances, heating, cooking appliances and devices, gadgets such as refrigerators, dryers, heaters, geysers, irons, mixers, filters, ceiling fans, table fans, exhaust fans, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, air conditioners, radio, television, pressure cookers, ovens, cooking ranges, hot plates, other cooking utensils of all types, and other similar products, their consumable, parts, accessories and appliances for any use in domestic or industrial purposes whether as wholesalers, retailers, agents, subagents, distributors or otherwise.

3) To carry on the business of importer and exporter otherwise deal in all kinds of wholesale and retail dealers in all types of footwear and accessories of footwear (such as heels, soles, buckles, straps, bootees, laces) and hand gloves and other products of leather, rubber, textiles ( of natural or manmade fibre), polyvinyl chloride compound or in combination of leathe

4) To carry on the business of direct selling, import, export, distribute on all of gems and dealing in clocks, watches, artificial jewellery, cutlery and their components.

5) To carry on the business of online shopping, net marketing, marketing of consumer and other goods, online internet advertising and marketing, creating virtual malls, stores, shops, creating shopping catalogues, providing secured payment processing, net commerce solutions for business to business and business to consumers, online trading.


1 To carry on the business to own, establish, acquire, run, operate, manage, maintain, develop, promote, administer, advertise, either on its own or through franchisee fully equipped schools, colleges, educational institutes, universities including deemed or autonomous universities, to promote and disseminate knowledge, create awareness and provide a common forum of interaction amongst academicians, professionals and government agencies, establish effective co-ordination, to organise training courses and special programmes to impart training, education in all disciplines, online, distinct, correspondence courses, coaching classes for any stream, any level, any profession, courses for medical, information technology, computer technology, software, hardware, networking, any certified or recognised courses also to provide consultancy relating thereto, and to assist the promotion and advancement of trade, commerce, art, science, technology or whatsoever.

2 To enter in to Joint Venture, or collaborate with accredited educational institutions in India to provide such infrastructure assistance to such accredited educational institution and such other learning support on such terms and conditions as may be decided by the company from time to time.

3-To initiate, undertake, sponsor, stimulate and encourage research and development in sports and games and the related medicines, bio-chemics, psychology and other allied sciences

4-To grant advance or make any financial assistance in support of any educational institutions, schools, colleges/public libraries, spiritual centres, and other social organizations promoting education or training skills, situated anywhere in India, for the development and/or advancement of education, and diffusion of knowledge amongst the general public, and to provide medical assistance, relief to the poor in curing all kinds of ailments and to establish, construct or own and maintain, run hospitals, nursing homes, physiotherapy centres, hostels and other relief centres in fulfillment of the objects of the Company

5 To establish, construct, own, manage, acquire, maintain, run all kinds of Educational, Vocational, Training Institutions, Coaching Centres, Colleges, Schools, Universities (setting up of universities subject to approval of Government/other Authorities), architecture colleges, engineering colleges, medical colleges, colleges and schools in arts, science, business, social sciences, environmental science, fine arts, management, nursing & physiotherapy, music, polytechnics, technical training centres or other institutes with an intent and scope to provide education in various fields and to conduct various educational courses, programmes and/or allied courses in the interest of public at large